2018 Ride For Newborns Vietnam

Amount raised: £583,953

Edrington Charity Cyclists from 6 offices (including Glasgow) completed EPIC 4, a sapping 630KM ride from Nha Trang to Danang to raise money for Newborns Vietnam. Thanks to generous donations, welcome sponsorships, successful auctions and Edrington’s generous double matching, a phenomenal $750,000 was raised through this initiative. This money will go a long way towards supporting the development and implementation of impactful and cost-effective neonatal training programmes that will make a difference in the life chances of newborns in central Vietnam.

Martin Reimann, Managing Director for APAC said, “For Newborns, 80% of their funding comes from events including charity rides. Over the past 3 years people walked, ran, swam and cycled over 144,000 KMs for Newborns Vietnam, raising more than $750,000 along the way. Thanks to Edrington, we have just matched that amount with one event, but we’ll be embarking on a 3 year partnership with this charity as testament to our long term commitment to working together to change lives. The EPIC rides show how powerful ‘movement’ can be when energy and determination are channeled into making a difference. I am pleased to see that the EPIC rides have now taken off in Europe, the USA and the Dominican Republic. I hope that these will serve as inspiration to others to use movement – in all its forms – to continue bringing Edrington’s values to life”.

We would like to thank our generous partners without whom this initiative would not have been possible. Thank you!