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2018 will mark the fourth year in which Edrington employees from across the globe have joined forces to raise money for charitable causes through pedal power! This year, over 50 cyclists will tackle the 611km journey across Vietnam from Nha Trang to Da Nang, raising money for Newborns Vietnam – a fantastic charity which aims to tackle neonatal mortality - a huge problem in Vietnam which accounts for three-quarters of all infant deaths in the country .

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Meet The Riders

Meet some of the cyclists riding for M’Lop Tapang in 2017.

Celebrate Father's Day

Fathers’ Day 2018 – We wanted to pay tribute to the amazing father figures amongst us. We speak to some of them and found out how they find inspiration and motivation through their children, and what keeps them pedaling when the roads got tough.

Bruce Lin, Team Taiwan!

Cycling has been my hobby for the past two years. Riding up the slope is my favorite part. If the slope is steep and utterly challenging, I’d think of the smile of my kid. I always sense the exhaustion when cycling, The battle with myself, with life and the mountain routes. Children are our hope. They keep us going. Children are the future, Assisting children in need is the social responsibility of Edrington. Helping children in need is our true angel share.

Marcelo Colombo, Team Singapore.

I’ve always been an avid cyclist, but since my children were born, it has taken a whole new dimension. Having children has allowed me to connect at a much deeper level with the charities we supported in the two Epic rides that I took part in (Taiwan and Cambodia), and has enhanced the sense of purpose behind all the efforts that went into the fundraising, the engagement and the actual ride. As a parent, cycling has also become a very powerful educational tool: it can bring to life issues like healthy lifestyle choices and the protection of the environment, illustrate the importance of commitment and effort, and trying your best to overcome yourself, and also just a way to have fun and spend great times together!

Ken Tsang, Team Hong Kong.

My son Mars is a source of big motivation in my cycling journey. He joined The Hong Kong Triathlon 2 years ago. He showed great perseverance for the sport and endured heavy-duty practice schedule in swimming, long-distance running and cycling. It is really hard and if I were him, I would break! I am very moved. As a father, I gave my unreserved support to him. The way I motivate him in return is, first, I gave him encouragement in words. Second, I gave him my support in deeds, I put myself on training. I wanted to show him my support through a corresponding training regime. I participated in all his cycling training and doubled my cycling training for EPIC rides.

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Why Donate?

Newborns Vietnam’s goal is to save lives by reducing neonatal mortality and promoting the health of newborn children and their mothers in south east Asia with a specific focus on Vietnam. In 2015, neonatal mortality accounted for three quarters of all infant deaths in Vietnam and more than half of mortality in under 5 year olds.

The charity’s strategy is to develop and implement sustainable, cost effective health neonatal training models that can create a big impact on lowering neonatal mortality. It works with local hospitals and Universities to train health care professionals, increase local capacity, and improve medical infrastructure. It’s training programmes are developed and delivered in partnership with British higher education institutions and NHS teaching hospitals, local health providers and medical training colleges.

Newborns Vietnam works in partnership with Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children, Vietnam’s National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi and district and provincial hospitals that serve large rural populations in central Vietnam.

To find out more visit www.newbornsvietnam.org

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